In July 2019, the first NooBowl store was opened in Westfield Oakridge Mall in San Jose, California to offer authentic Chinese fast food.

In February 2020, the second NooBowl store was opened in Westfield San Francisco Centre in downtown San Francisco, California. Due to restrictions during the pandemic, the store was closed for several months and was reopened on September 2020.

NooBowl restaurants were started successfully in California. The pandemic inevitably impacted the financial performance of both stores in 2020. However, as restrictions in California eased, NooBowl stores have witnessed a dramatic recovery in sales while many other food establishments remain permanently closed.

NooBowl restaurants focus on the food court business in the shopping mall. We offer authentic Chinese street foods, such as noodles and rice bowls. Typical menu items include well-known Dan Dan Noodles, Sichuan Cold Noodles, Scalded Chili Noodles, Taiwan Braised Pork Rice. Recently, various Boba teas were added to our menu.